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What's the difference between the online version and offline version of OA LodgeMaster?

OA LodgeMaster can be used both online using a web browser or offline as a downloadable and installable application. Both versions are identical and include all of the same features. The only different is the offline version keeps a local copy of your lodge's database with is automatically synchronized with the online copy of your lodge's database when an internet connection is available.

Can multiple people use my lodge's database at the same time?

Yes, all changes made in the online version are automatically and immediately available to all other users. For the offline version, your entire lodge database is stored on your computer's hard drive. When you make changes to any of the data, your copy is synchronized with the copy of the database that is stored on the OA LodgeMaster servers. Then, the changes are automatically sent to the other users of your lodge's database.

For example, your Lodge Membership Vice Chief could be inputting new Dues Renewals in the offline version, your Ordeal Chairman could be using a laptop offline at your council camp inputting information about the newly inducted members in their copy of the offline version, and a chapter chief could be printing a chapter roster using the online version all at the same time. OA LodgeMaster's synchronization engine automatically distributes all of these changes to the other users so that it is available for their use.

Do we have install the online version onto our lodge's web site?

No, the online version is not a distributable application, so it is not the sort of thing that needs to be installed on your lodge's web site. The software itself runs on our servers, and your lodge members can access it directly from our server. This is necessary for a number of reasons, but most important is that your lodge data can only be transmitted to our secure servers the offline version.

Of course, security is of utmost importance. All sensitive data is transmitted through secure channels and is password-protected.

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