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Welcome To The OA LodgeMaster Support Center!

This support center contains general information about OA LodgeMaster, documentation for the OA LodgeMaster Lodge Client, plus frequently asked questions and development information. You can also chat with other users in the forums, and if you need assistance and cannot find the answer in the documentation or forums, you can submit a support ticket and someone on the OA LodgeMaster team will be happy to help you.

We are currently experiencing a very high ticket volume due to the recent release of LodgeMaster 4.  Response times to support tickets may be delayed more than usual, but we will get to yours!  Thank you for your patience!

Archived Documentation

LodgeMaster System Status

New! Click here to check the status of LodgeMaster!

LodgeMaster Blog

OA LodgeMaster Users, The OA LodgeMaster team is very excited to announce the immediate release of Version 4! The system has been completely rewritten from the ground up. The LodgeMaster team has spent the last three years developing this version which has incorporated more than 100 user requested enhancements - over 1/3 of all open user enhancement requests! The enhancements include making the application faster and compatible with any modern browser including mobile phones,…

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