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The Home Page opens immediately after logging into LodgeMaster. It can also be opened by pressing the  button. The Home Page includes two sections, News and Statistics as seen below:

The News section provides Client release information for the Lodge Client such as improvements, bug fixes, and if there is any new features. In Addition, each Release post includes a link to see precisely what bugs were fixed and improvements made.

The Statistics section provides two sets of statistics: current membership and inductions.

  1. Statistics about current Lodge membership based are based on the current year's dues paid member and include total membership, membership divided by youth, adult, and unknown ages, and membership divided by Ordeal, Brotherhood, Vigil, and unknown levels of membership.  These statistics are calculated from December 31 of the current year, so age statistics may differ between this screen and 
  2. Statistics about inductions includes total number of members inducted at each level, number of candidates elected for Ordeal membership, number of members eligible for Brotherhood at start of year and currently, and percent of elected candidates and Brotherhood eligible members inducted for the current year.

The Home Page does not update live when you make changes in Member Manager. If you want an updated snapshot, close the Home tab tab at the bottom of the screen and reopen it using the Home button.



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