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National BSA Supply redesigned the Order of the Arrow Membership Cards last year. The new design has the right column printed in a different direction. A future version of LodgeMaster will support printing on this format directly.  Until then, steps to print the new cards are below.

  1. Choose Membership Cards from the toolbar.
  2. Look at the total number of cards to print:
  3. If it's an even number, divide it by 2, if it's an odd number, subtract one then divide it by two.
  4. In the column on the left, uncheck that number of boxes that were already checked. In the example given here, you would have to uncheck 39 members (half of 78).  You can also do this other ways like selecting a chapter or a few chapters at a time - the idea is to print approximately half of the cards first.
  5. Select the 2013 Printing for the card type
  6. When the Print Preview window comes up, click on the Print Settings icon

  7. In the Print Options dialog, set the right margin to 4.5 inches

  8. Continue to print or save as usual.  This will print only on the left-hand column.  Make sure to mark the cards as printed before exiting.

  9. When printing completes, take the already-printed pages, face them the opposite direction you had them facing previously and load them into the printer again.
  10. Choose Membership Cards again, then proceed from step 5 above, without unchecking anything this time.  This time it will print the remaining cards on the opposite side of the pages.

National Supply Order Information

The Order of the Arrow Membership Cards must be ordered through your local Scout Shop. Cards are sold in quantities of 10 or 500. Please reference the item numbers below when placing your order.

10 Quantity:  Item 622209 - Order Here
500 Quantity: Item 623015 - Order Here