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Below are all scheduled enhancements. Please note that the release noted may change and the final version may not include all items listed. User requested enhancements are no longer listed here, instead they are available for review, discussion, and voting on the feature request website.

Scheduled Enhancements

Refresh Updated on 06/25/2019 at 2:22 PM

Ticket IDComponentDescriptionTypeStatusReleaseResolution
OALMLC-1632Members - Member ManagerImplement New Brotherhood Timing ChangeImprovementClosedOALM 4.2.2Fixed
OALMLC-558Events - Static ReportsCreate Custom Event Registration FormsImprovementClosedOALM 4.3.0Fixed
OALMLC-1012FinanceReimplement Finance Module In V4New FeatureOpenOALM 4.3.0 
OALMLC-432Members - Static ReportsCreate Custom Dues FormsImprovementCompleteOALM 4.3.0Fixed
OALMLC-1376Settings - Org. UnitsUnable To Delete Areas In New Lodge StructureImprovementOpenOALM 4.3.0 
OALMLC-1459Settings - Org. UnitsAllow Org. Units To Be OrderedImprovementOpenOALM 4.3.0 
OALMLC-1460Settings - Org. UnitsAllow Org. Unit Positions To Be OrderedImprovementOpenOALM 4.3.0 
OALMLC-949Settings - Org. UnitsMerge Lodge Structure EntriesImprovementOpenOALM 4.3.0 
OALMLC-1633Charter & JTEImplement New Charter / PMP ChangesImprovementOpenOALM 4.4.0 
OALMLC-314Events - Attendee ManagerAdd Ability To Have Event Non-MembersNew FeatureOpenOALM 4.4.0 
OALMLC-395UnitsAdd Contacts Who Are Not MembersImprovementOpenOALM 4.4.0 
OALMLC-919UnitsAuto-Populate Unit Database From ScoutnetImprovementOpenOALM 4.4.0 
OALMLC-1322Email - Email ManagerAdd Email Address Delivery ListImprovementOpenOALM 4.5.0 
OALMLC-1326Email - Email ManagerArchive Sent EmailImprovementOpenOALM 4.5.0 
OALMLC-1361Email - Email ManagerApproved & Scheduled Emails Versus SentImprovementOpenOALM 4.5.0 
OALMLC-1586Email - Email ManagerInclude Removed Bad Formatted Emails in Failed CountImprovementOpenOALM 4.5.0 
OALMLC-1452Email - Send EmailAdd Count To Send Email Create ScreenImprovementOpenOALM 4.5.0 
OALMLC-775Email - Server TasksSend Approved/Rejected Notice To Queue Managers and SenderImprovementOpenOALM 4.5.0 
OALMLC-1447UsersEmail Approval Permission Missing On Chapter LevelImprovementOpenOALM 4.5.0 
OALMLC-427UnitsUnit Election ReportImprovementOpenOALM 4.6.0 
OALMLC-429UnitsPre-Enter Unit Election InformationImprovementOpenOALM 4.6.0 
OALMLC-438UnitsUnit Elections ProcessImprovementOpenOALM 4.6.0 
OALMLC-791UnitsUnit Contact Comment FieldImprovementOpenOALM 4.6.0 
OALMLC-722Events - Attendee ManagerAllow Multiple Payments Per Event AttendeeImprovementOpenOALM 4.7.0 
OALMLC-789Events - Event SetupEvent Form URL FieldImprovementOpenOALM 4.7.0 
OALMLC-1402Portal - MembersDues Lookup & Member Data UpdateNew FeatureOpenOALM 4.7.0 
OALMLC-1404Portal - MembersAccount Creation ListImprovementOpenOALM 4.7.0 
OALMLC-1407Portal - MembersEvent RSVP SystemImprovementOpenOALM 4.7.0 
OALMLC-1408Portal - MembersSend QuestionsImprovementOpenOALM 4.7.0 
OALMLC-1409Portal - MembersEmail Unsubscribe AbilityImprovementOpenOALM 4.7.0 
OALMLC-1410Portal - MembersLodge Event CalendarImprovementOpenOALM 4.7.0 
OALMLC-1411Portal - MembersAdditional Data For Member ProfileImprovementOpenOALM 4.7.0 
OALMLC-1413Portal - MembersSelf-Print For Membership CardsImprovementOpenOALM 4.7.0 
OALMLC-1414Portal - MembersAbility To Claim IDImprovementOpenOALM 4.7.0 
OALMLC-1415Portal - MembersPrevent Under Age 13 AccountsImprovementOpenOALM 4.7.0 

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