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  1. Open your browser, type in, and press ENTER.  You will be presented with the LodgeMaster Welcome screen.

    Figure 1: OA LodgeMaster Welcome Screen

  2. Left click on  to ge to the actual Client Login Screen.

    Figure 2: OA LodgeMaster Client Login Screen

  3. Left click on the drop-down arrow in the Council field.
    Council Drop-down Selections
    Figure 3: Council Drop-down Selections

  4. Scroll to your council number/name and left click on it. (Note: You can bypass a lot of the councils by typing the in the first digit of you council number. Example: If you council number is 999 typing in a 9 will take you to the first council starting with 9 and bypass the rest.)
  5. Enter your username in the Username field.
  6. Enter your password in the Password field.
  7. Left click on to log into the system,

Log out

 Left click on the Logout button  or the Exit  button to leave OA LodgeMaster.

  1. OA LodgeMaster Online - The Logout and Exit buttons do the same thing by logging you out of the system and returning you to the OA LodgeMaster Client Login Screen (See Figure 2).
  2. OA LodgeMaster Offline
    1. The Logout button will log you out of the program and return you to the OA LodgeMaster Client Login Screen (See Figure 2).  This is useful for lodge events for check in, dues payments, and other functions.  You can log out of the system when there is no business to conduct (check in is over) but you will still need to access OA LodgeMaster later in the day/weekend.  Logging out will keep the system loaded and all you will need to do is log back in.
    2. The Exit button will log you out of the program and will close the program.  You would want to use this button when there is no need for OA LodgeMaster any more.  Examples would be at the end of the day during a fellowship weekend or at the end of any other event.  You would have used the Logout button during the day for easy access back into the system and would Exit at the end of the day or event.
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