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Below are all enhancements that have been requested by users. Please note that those listed as scheduled may change and the final version may not include all items listed. Those listed as non-scheduled are only requests and have not yet been prioritized for inclusion in a future version.

Scheduled Enhancements

Ticket IDComponentDescriptionTypeStatusReleaseResolution
OALMLC-1012Finance ModuleReimplement Finance Module In V4New FeatureOpenOALM 4.2.0Unresolved
OALMLC-1013Charter & JTE ModuleReimplement Charter Module In V4New FeatureOpenOALM 4.1.0Unresolved
OALMLC-884Charter & JTE ModuleJTE Performance WorksheetImprovementOpenOALM 4.1.0Unresolved
OALMLC-641Charter & JTE ModuleAdd Second Text Field / Category Selection To JTE DataImprovementOpenOALM 4.1.0Unresolved
OALMLC-656Common - Saved ViewsAdd 'Displaying' Text To Saved View GridImprovementOpenOALM 4.1.0Unresolved
OALMLC-1011Inventory ModuleReimplement Inventory Module In V4New FeatureOpenOALM 4.1.0Unresolved
OALMLC-834Member Module - Member EditorSpecial Needs Scouts Listed As YouthImprovementOpenOALM 4.1.0Unresolved
OALMLC-949Setup ModuleMerge CommonOrgUnitsImprovementOpenOALM 4.1.0Unresolved
OALMLC-271Common - Grid LabelsUse Actual Last Names When Using 1 Label Per AddressImprovementClosedOALM 4.0.0Fixed
OALMLC-847Common - Grid Membership CardsAdd Annual Pass To Membership CardsImprovementClosedOALM 4.0.0Fixed
OALMLC-403Common - Grid Membership CardsOALM ID On Membership CardsImprovementClosedOALM 4.0.0Fixed
OALMLC-286Common - Grid Membership CardsCustom Field On Membership CardsImprovementClosedOALM 4.0.0Fixed
OALMLC-207Common - Grid Membership CardsCustomize Membership Card LayoutImprovementClosedOALM 4.0.0Fixed
OALMLC-99Common - Grid Membership CardsDifferent Years For Membership Cards in Event ManagerImprovementClosedOALM 4.0.0Fixed
OALMLC-712Common - Grid ReportsAdd Maximize & Minimize To Report WindowImprovementClosedOALM 4.0.0Fixed
OALMLC-481Common - Saved ViewsAdd Dialog Box To Select Dates Used in ViewsImprovementClosedOALM 4.0.0Fixed
OALMLC-911Core Module - Launch PadStatistics Page Level Details ImprovementClosedOALM 4.0.0Fixed
OALMLC-856Core Module - Launch PadAdd Previous Year Data To HomeImprovementClosedOALM 4.0.0Fixed
OALMLC-863Core Module - LoginShow Detected Browser Issues On Login PageImprovementClosedOALM 4.0.0Fixed
OALMLC-706Core Module - LoginRemember Login CouncilImprovementClosedOALM 4.0.0Fixed
OALMLC-98Core Module - LoginAdd Timed Out CheckImprovementClosedOALM 4.0.0Fixed
OALMLC-886Core Module - OtherAsterisks On Inactive/Archived Member NamesImprovementClosedOALM 4.0.0Fixed
OALMLC-859Core Module - OtherImplement New Organization Unit StructureNew FeatureClosedOALM 4.0.0Fixed
OALMLC-759Core Module - OtherDisplay The Currently Signed In UserImprovementClosedOALM 4.0.0Fixed
OALMLC-700Core Module - OtherGet Logged Out When Submitting EmailImprovementClosedOALM 4.0.0Fixed
OALMLC-521Core Module - OtherAdd Unit Number To Member Drop DownsImprovementClosedOALM 4.0.0Fixed
OALMLC-312Core Module - OtherSwitch Between LodgesNew FeatureClosedOALM 4.0.0Fixed
OALMLC-210Core Module - OtherAdd Payment Type TableNew FeatureClosedOALM 4.0.0Fixed
OALMLC-89Core Module - OtherOnline 'Lite Version'ImprovementClosedOALM 4.0.0Fixed
OALMLC-788Core Module - OtherBarcode FunctionalityNew FeatureClosedOALM 4.0.0Fixed
OALMLC-220Email Module - Email ManagerChapter Level Email ApprovalImprovementOpenOALM 4.0.0Unresolved
OALMLC-431Email Module - Email ManagerNotification of Pending ItemsImprovementOpenOALM 4.0.0Unresolved
OALMLC-890Email Module - Send EmailOA Branding SignaturesImprovementOpenOALM 4.0.0Unresolved
OALMLC-899Email Module - Send EmailAdd Mailing Address To FooterImprovementOpenOALM 4.0.0Unresolved
OALMLC-850Email Module - Send EmailDefault From AddressImprovementOpenOALM 4.0.0Unresolved
OALMLC-920Email Module - Server TasksOversized Email Messages Causes Sync To FailImprovementOpenOALM 4.0.0Unresolved
OALMLC-921Event Module - Attendee ManagerDeceased Member NotificationImprovementClosedOALM 4.0.0Fixed
OALMLC-840Event Module - Attendee ManagerCheck-In Screen ImprovementsImprovementClosedOALM 4.0.0Fixed
OALMLC-762Event Module - Attendee ManagerAdding Inactive Member Attendee WarningImprovementClosedOALM 4.0.0Fixed
OALMLC-729Event Module - Attendee ManagerCursor Location When Adding New AttendeeImprovementClosedOALM 4.0.0Fixed
OALMLC-705Event Module - Attendee ManagerAdd Bounced Email / Phone CheckImprovementClosedOALM 4.0.0Fixed
OALMLC-680Event Module - Attendee ManagerAdd Date Of Birth Field To Attendee FieldsImprovementClosedOALM 4.0.0Fixed
OALMLC-623Event Module - Attendee ManagerAdd Reg. Audit Date And Result ColumnsImprovementClosedOALM 4.0.0Fixed
OALMLC-594Event Module - Attendee ManagerAllow Fee Selection From Set ListImprovementClosedOALM 4.0.0Fixed
OALMLC-532Event Module - Event ManagerDefault To Only Show Current Year EventsImprovementClosedOALM 4.0.0Fixed
OALMLC-134Event Module - Event ManagerAllow Non-Chapter Members To Be Added Chapter EventsImprovementClosedOALM 4.0.0Fixed
OALMLC-474Event Module - Event SetupRemove Event Location Requirement When Adding EventImprovementClosedOALM 4.0.0Fixed
OALMLC-918Event Module - Graduation WizardsDuplicate Dues Record Created By Ordeal WizardImprovementClosedOALM 4.0.0Fixed
OALMLC-940Event Module - Grid ReportingGroup By in Event Manager ImprovementClosedOALM 4.0.0Fixed
OALMLC-621Member Module - ImportCreate Blank Contact Records On ImportImprovementOpenOALM 4.0.0Unresolved
OALMLC-659Member Module - ImportMatch Export & Import Field NamesImprovementOpenOALM 4.0.0Unresolved
OALMLC-837Member Module - Member EditorNew Inactive Field / Redefine Old Inactive FieldImprovementClosedOALM 4.0.0Fixed
OALMLC-763Member Module - Member EditorTyping Unit Numbers Does Not Always Choose Correct UnitImprovementClosedOALM 4.0.0Fixed
OALMLC-549Member Module - Member EditorAdd Inactive To Unit & Chapter DropdownsImprovementClosedOALM 4.0.0Fixed
OALMLC-499Member Module - Member EditorSelect Different Member In The Member EditorImprovementClosedOALM 4.0.0Fixed
OALMLC-491Member Module - Member EditorDynamically Size the Member Editor WindowImprovementClosedOALM 4.0.0Fixed
OALMLC-366Member Module - Member EditorAuto Fill Chapter Based On Unit SelectionImprovementClosedOALM 4.0.0Fixed
OALMLC-356Member Module - Member EditorAdd Another Member Without Closing The Member EditorImprovementClosedOALM 4.0.0Fixed
OALMLC-213Member Module - Member EditorHighlight a Bad AddressImprovementClosedOALM 4.0.0Fixed
OALMLC-78Member Module - Member EditorEvent Check-In Information In Member ModuleImprovementClosedOALM 4.0.0Fixed
OALMLC-827Member Module - Member EditorFull Address Copy And PasteImprovementClosedOALM 4.0.0Fixed
OALMLC-787Member Module - Member EditorPopulate Chapter Based On UnitImprovementClosedOALM 4.0.0Fixed
OALMLC-517Member Module - Member EditorClear Contact Flags When the Contact Data Is Removed Or EditedImprovementOpenOALM 4.0.0Unresolved
OALMLC-895Member Module - Member EditorShow Membership Audit Status In Summary InfoImprovementOpenOALM 4.0.0Unresolved
OALMLC-786Member Module - Member EditorChange City Field To Drop-DownImprovementClosedOALM 4.0.0Fixed
OALMLC-913Member Module - Member ManagerSearch for members by BSA IDNew FeatureClosedOALM 4.0.0Fixed
OALMLC-731Member Module - Member ManagerPhone Number Naming ConsistencyImprovementClosedOALM 4.0.0Fixed
OALMLC-681Member Module - Member ManagerAdd Custom Contact Types To GridImprovementClosedOALM 4.0.0Fixed
OALMLC-598Member Module - Member ManagerDues Year Data For Specific Year Not Available In GridImprovementClosedOALM 4.0.0Fixed
OALMLC-600Member Module - Member ManagerAdd Last Modified FieldImprovementClosedOALM 4.0.0Fixed
OALMLC-397Member Module - Member ManagerAdding Easy Chapter SelectionImprovementClosedOALM 4.0.0Fixed
OALMLC-223Member Module - Member ManagerSupport Context Menu Editing In GridsNew FeatureClosedOALM 4.0.0Fixed
OALMLC-203Member Module - Member ManagerCreate Filter To Show Who Is / Is Not Going To An EventNew FeatureClosedOALM 4.0.0Fixed
OALMLC-857Member Module - OtherImprove Position HandlingImprovementClosedOALM 4.0.0Fixed
OALMLC-728Member Module - Saved ViewsAdditional Columns For Events & AwardsImprovementClosedOALM 4.0.0Fixed
OALMLC-68Member Module - Saved ViewsMedical Form ReportsImprovementClosedOALM 4.0.0Fixed
OALMLC-228Member Module - Static ReportsAdd Unit Election Report Grouped By Election DateNew FeatureClosedOALM 4.0.0Fixed
OALMLC-277Member Module - Static ReportsAdd Permission To See Entire Lodge Leadership RosterNew FeatureOpenOALM 4.0.0Unresolved
OALMLC-380Member Module - Static ReportsImprove Printer Order for Lodge Positions ListImprovementOpenOALM 4.0.0Unresolved
OALMLC-801Member Module - Static ReportsVacant Positions On Leadership RosterImprovementOpenOALM 4.0.0Unresolved
OALMLC-738Member Module - Static ReportsAdd Ability To Print Groups For Position ReportsImprovementOpenOALM 4.0.0Unresolved
OALMLC-912Setup ModuleRemove Adviser Position from Position Types ImprovementClosedOALM 4.0.0Fixed
OALMLC-907Setup ModuleModify Unit Election Year To Be Based Off Membership YearImprovementClosedOALM 4.0.0Fixed
OALMLC-844Setup ModuleAdd Customizable YPT Validity DurationImprovementClosedOALM 4.0.0Fixed
OALMLC-833Setup ModuleAllow Admins To Select Default Check-In ModeImprovementClosedOALM 4.0.0Fixed
OALMLC-752Setup ModuleAdd District Inactive StatusImprovementClosedOALM 4.0.0Fixed
OALMLC-460Setup ModuleAdd Default Country to the Common ConfigImprovementClosedOALM 4.0.0Fixed
OALMLC-393Setup ModuleImprove Data Saving MethodImprovementClosedOALM 4.0.0Fixed
OALMLC-221Setup ModuleOption To Not Use MiddlenameNew FeatureClosedOALM 4.0.0Fixed
OALMLC-224Setup ModuleAdd Configuration Option to Show/Hide Default Payment TypesImprovementClosedOALM 4.0.0Fixed
OALMLC-147Setup ModuleReverse Look Up Record Links For CleanupNew FeatureClosedOALM 4.0.0Fixed
OALMLC-823Setup ModuleDefault StateImprovementClosedOALM 4.0.0Fixed
OALMLC-822Setup ModuleField Service AreasImprovementClosedOALM 4.0.0Fixed
OALMLC-691Unit ManagerShow Only Active Units By DefaultImprovementClosedOALM 4.0.0Fixed
OALMLC-597Unit ManagerAdd Troop/Team Rep. Adviser PositionImprovementClosedOALM 4.0.0Fixed
OALMLC-578Unit ManagerExport Unit ListImprovementClosedOALM 4.0.0Fixed
OALMLC-328Unit ManagerUnit Query Based ReportingNew FeatureClosedOALM 4.0.0Fixed
OALMLC-792Unit ManagerUnit Scoutmaster LabelsImprovementClosedOALM 4.0.0Fixed
OALMLC-761User ManagerAuto Account Creation Email/Force Users to Change PasswordNew FeatureClosedOALM 4.0.0Fixed
OALMLC-716User ManagerAllow Numbers In UsernameImprovementClosedOALM 4.0.0Fixed
OALMLC-414User ManagerEnsure No Duplicate UsernamesImprovementClosedOALM 4.0.0Fixed
OALMLC-1038Ceremonies ModuleReimplement Ceremonies Module In V4New FeatureOpenOALM
OALMLC-942Common - Saved ViewsPre-Release - Set Print Column Widths For New ColumnsImprovementOpenOALM
OALMLC-1034Email Module - Email ManagerReimplement Email Module In V4New FeatureOpenOALM
OALMLC-1039Event Module - Clan EditorImplement Clan Editor & Generator In V4New FeatureOpenOALM
OALMLC-1035Member Module - ImportImplement Importing In V4New FeatureOpenOALM
OALMLC-961Member Module - Member EditorMember Record Navigation ButtonsImprovementOpenOALM
OALMLC-1036Member Module - Member EditorMinor Improvements To Member EditorImprovementOpenOALM
OALMLC-1037Member Module - Static ReportsChanges To Member Position ReportsImprovementOpenOALM

 Non-Scheduled Enhancements

Ticket IDComponentDescriptionTypeStatusReleaseResolution
OALMLC-790Asset ModuleAsset Details & ConditionImprovementOpenOALM LC FutureUnresolved
OALMLC-351Auction ModuleAuction ModuleNew FeatureOpenOALM LC FutureUnresolved
OALMLC-777Ceremonies ModuleCan't Add Adults To A Historical Ceremony As Youth ParticipantsImprovementOpenOALM LC FutureUnresolved
OALMLC-896Ceremonies ModuleCeremonies Performance EntryImprovementOpenOALM LC FutureUnresolved
OALMLC-855Ceremonies ModuleEmail CeremonialistsImprovementOpenOALM LC FutureUnresolved
OALMLC-226Charter & JTE ModuleAdd Option To JTE To Only Include Audit Status Equals RegisteredNew FeatureOpenOALM LC FutureUnresolved
OALMLC-332Charter & JTE ModuleAdd JTE DashboardImprovementOpenOALM LC FutureUnresolved
OALMLC-894Charter & JTE ModuleAdd JTE Finish Line ReportImprovementOpenOALM LC FutureUnresolved
OALMLC-892Charter & JTE ModuleAdd Charter Validation FunctionsImprovementOpenOALM LC FutureUnresolved
OALMLC-433Common - Grid LabelsPostal BarcodesImprovementOpenOALM LC FutureUnresolved
OALMLC-79Common - Grid Membership CardsSIgnature Image For Membership CardsImprovementOpenOALM LC FutureUnresolved
OALMLC-698Common - Grid ReportsUser Report TrackingNew FeatureOpenOALM LC FutureUnresolved
OALMLC-932Common - Saved ViewsSetup Private Views ImprovementOpenOALM LC FutureUnresolved
OALMLC-915Core Module - LoginRequire Two-Factor Authentication For OALM LoginsNew FeatureOpenOALM LC FutureUnresolved
OALMLC-991Core Module - OtherStatusPage IntegrationNew FeatureOpenOALM LC FutureUnresolved
OALMLC-151Core Module - OtherUser Message CenterNew FeatureOpenOALM LC FutureUnresolved
OALMLC-81Core Module - OtherAdd Committee ModuleImprovementOpenOALM LC FutureUnresolved
OALMLC-846Core Module - OtherAdd Sandbox LodgeImprovementOpenOALM LC FutureUnresolved
OALMLC-630Core Module - OtherAdd Date of Birth Visiblity OptionImprovementOpenOALM LC FutureUnresolved
OALMLC-255Core Module - SynchronizationSync Conflict ManagementImprovementOpenOALM LC FutureUnresolved
OALMLC-183Core Module - SynchronizationOffline Mode Long Detection DelayImprovementOpenOALM LC FutureUnresolved
OALMLC-409Core Module - SynchronizationThreshold For ClientsImprovementOpenOALM LC FutureUnresolved
OALMLC-411Core Module - SynchronizationDatabase Design Changes & SyncImprovementOpenOALM LC FutureUnresolved
OALMLC-408Core Module - SynchronizationIdentity Management For Tables On ServerImprovementOpenOALM LC FutureUnresolved
OALMLC-604Core Module - SynchronizationRe-Sync If Sync Errors OccuredImprovementOpenOALM LC FutureUnresolved
OALMLC-407Core Module - SynchronizationSync Framework File CleanupImprovementOpenOALM LC FutureUnresolved
OALMLC-410Core Module - SynchronizationHistory Tracking For SyncImprovementOpenOALM LC FutureUnresolved
OALMLC-939Email Module - Email ManagerSchedule EmailImprovementOpenOALM LC FutureUnresolved
OALMLC-858Email Module - Email ManagerAdd Email History Tracking By MemberImprovementOpenOALM LC FutureUnresolved
OALMLC-541Email Module - Email ManagerEmail Send History & StatisticsImprovementOpenOALM LC FutureUnresolved
OALMLC-149Email Module - Email ManagerAdd Ability To Have Custom Merge FieldsNew FeatureOpenOALM LC FutureUnresolved
OALMLC-933Email Module - Email ManagerAdd Section / Region Communication No Contact FieldsImprovementOpenOALM LC FutureUnresolved
OALMLC-424Email Module - Email Manager'This Is A Mass Email' MessageImprovementOpenOALM LC FutureUnresolved
OALMLC-629Email Module - Email ManagerEmail Delivery ReportImprovementOpenOALM LC FutureUnresolved
OALMLC-695Email Module - Email ManagerCopy Specific Addresses On All EmailsImprovementOpenOALM LC FutureUnresolved
OALMLC-690Email Module - Email ManagerEmail Queue Access For SubmitterImprovementOpenOALM LC FutureUnresolved
OALMLC-699Email Module - Send EmailEmail Abuse Report Update Not LoggedImprovementOpenOALM LC FutureUnresolved
OALMLC-739Email Module - Send EmailAdd CC And BCC Options To Email MessagesImprovementOpenOALM LC FutureUnresolved
OALMLC-849Email Module - Send EmailSave Draft Of EmailImprovementOpenOALM LC FutureUnresolved
OALMLC-758Email Module - Send EmailText MessagesNew FeatureOpenOALM LC FutureUnresolved
OALMLC-873Email Module - Send EmailWeb Email Embeded Image PositionImprovementOpenOALM LC FutureUnresolved
OALMLC-736Email Module - Send EmailDefault Email Contact TypesImprovementOpenOALM LC FutureUnresolved
OALMLC-775Email Module - Server TasksSend Approved/Rejected Notice To Queue ManagersImprovementOpenOALM LC FutureUnresolved
OALMLC-314Event Module - Attendee ManagerAdd Ability To Have Event 'Non-Members'New FeatureOpenOALM LC FutureUnresolved
OALMLC-783Event Module - Attendee ManagerGuest Tracking For EventsNew FeatureOpenOALM LC FutureUnresolved
OALMLC-925Event Module - Attendee ManagerAdd Custom Event ColumnsImprovementOpenOALM LC FutureUnresolved
OALMLC-516Event Module - Attendee ManagerEdit Service Hours In The Event Attendee GridImprovementOpenOALM LC FutureUnresolved
OALMLC-654Event Module - Attendee ManagerBulk Add Member View To EventImprovementOpenOALM LC FutureUnresolved
OALMLC-400Event Module - Attendee ManagerHealth Information Usage In EventsImprovementOpenOALM LC FutureUnresolved
OALMLC-665Event Module - Attendee ManagerEligibility Date Handling For EventsImprovementOpenOALM LC FutureUnresolved
OALMLC-842Event Module - Attendee ManagerAdd Housing LocationImprovementOpenOALM LC FutureUnresolved
OALMLC-735Event Module - Attendee ManagerIndividual HIstory Button In Event ManagerImprovementOpenOALM LC FutureUnresolved
OALMLC-743Event Module - Attendee ManagerAuto Register Members Of ECMImprovementOpenOALM LC FutureUnresolved
OALMLC-404Event Module - Attendee ManagerMass Add Annual Pass Members To EventImprovementOpenOALM LC FutureUnresolved
OALMLC-722Event Module - Attendee ManagerAllow Multiple Payments Per Event AttendeeImprovementOpenOALM LC FutureUnresolved
OALMLC-435Event Module - Attendee ManagerSend Emails To ClansImprovementOpenOALM LC FutureUnresolved
OALMLC-841Event Module - Attendee ManagerStore Wristband Number / Unique IDImprovementOpenOALM LC FutureUnresolved
OALMLC-862Event Module - Attendee ManagerTrack Return Of Health FormsImprovementOpenOALM LC FutureUnresolved
OALMLC-839Event Module - Clan EditorAdd Clan Generator OptionsImprovementOpenOALM LC FutureUnresolved
OALMLC-848Event Module - Clan EditorAdd Role To Elangomat ScreenImprovementOpenOALM LC FutureUnresolved
OALMLC-280Event Module - Event ManagerCreate Another Event Based On Existing EventNew FeatureOpenOALM LC FutureUnresolved
OALMLC-161Event Module - Event ManagerEvent Breakdown Dashboard and ReportNew FeatureOpenOALM LC FutureUnresolved
OALMLC-515Event Module - Event ManagerExport Selected Event DataImprovementOpenOALM LC FutureUnresolved
OALMLC-779Event Module - Event ManagerAdd Functionality To Check Attendance At Prior EventsImprovementOpenOALM LC FutureUnresolved
OALMLC-789Event Module - Event SetupEvent Form URL FieldImprovementOpenOALM LC FutureUnresolved
OALMLC-327Event Module - Graduation WizardsGraduate Members At Training EventsNew FeatureOpenOALM LC FutureUnresolved
OALMLC-922Event Module - Graduation WizardsDues Payment Wizard New FeatureOpenOALM LC FutureUnresolved
OALMLC-217Event Module - Graduation WizardsEvent Checkout WizardImprovementOpenOALM LC FutureUnresolved
OALMLC-291Event Module - Graduation WizardsAdd Information To Be Entered Into Member Record into the Graduation WizardsImprovementOpenOALM LC FutureUnresolved
OALMLC-466Event Module - Graduation WizardsAdd Role To Service Wizard & Change The Way This Wizard Shows Hours AppliedImprovementOpenOALM LC FutureUnresolved
OALMLC-869Event Module - ImportImport Zero Dollar AmountsImprovementOpenOALM LC FutureUnresolved
OALMLC-864Event Module - ImportAdd Medical Fields To Event ImportImprovementOpenOALM LC FutureUnresolved
OALMLC-806Event Module - OtherTrack Sale Of Items During RegistrationNew FeatureOpenOALM LC FutureUnresolved
OALMLC-838Event Module - OtherAdd Simple Meeting InterfaceImprovementOpenOALM LC FutureUnresolved
OALMLC-1006Event Module - OtherEvent Closing Report Attachments ImprovementOpenOALM LC FutureUnresolved
OALMLC-579Event Module - OtherExport Event LocationsImprovementOpenOALM LC FutureUnresolved
OALMLC-917Event Module - ServiceUpload service hours from ExcelNew FeatureOpenOALM LC FutureUnresolved
OALMLC-852Event Module - ServiceAll Non-Event Based Service HoursImprovementOpenOALM LC FutureUnresolved
OALMLC-463Event Module - Static ReportsAdd Level Information to the Detail Clan ReportImprovementOpenOALM LC FutureUnresolved
OALMLC-808Event Module - Static ReportsAbility To Print ReceiptsImprovementOpenOALM LC FutureUnresolved
OALMLC-803Event Module - Static ReportsExtended Elangomat ReportImprovementOpenOALM LC FutureUnresolved
OALMLC-805Event Module - Static ReportsDues Payments To Event ReportsImprovementOpenOALM LC FutureUnresolved
OALMLC-419Event Module - Static ReportsEvent Attendance Count ReportImprovementOpenOALM LC FutureUnresolved
OALMLC-870Event Module - Static ReportsEvent Summary By Payment TypeImprovementOpenOALM LC FutureUnresolved
OALMLC-660Event Module - Static ReportsClan Post-Ordeal Activity ReportImprovementOpenOALM LC FutureUnresolved
OALMLC-845Event Module - Static ReportsInformation Verification SheetImprovementOpenOALM LC FutureUnresolved
OALMLC-405Event Module - Static ReportsAdd Report Of Registrations By DateImprovementOpenOALM LC FutureUnresolved
OALMLC-558Event Module - Static ReportsCreate Custom Event Registration FormsImprovementOpenOALM LC FutureUnresolved
OALMLC-809Finance ModuleAccount Transfer With Category TrackingImprovementOpenOALM LC FutureUnresolved
OALMLC-938Finance ModuleAdd Receipt/Transaction Field & Column ImprovementOpenOALM LC FutureUnresolved
OALMLC-588Finance ModuleAdd Account Column To Account Activity ReportImprovementOpenOALM LC FutureUnresolved
OALMLC-810Finance ModuleAdd Finance Monthly Detailed ReportImprovementOpenOALM LC FutureUnresolved
OALMLC-854Finance ModuleChapter Level Accounts & BudgetsImprovementOpenOALM LC FutureUnresolved
OALMLC-576Finance ModuleImport Council GL DataNew FeatureOpenOALM LC FutureUnresolved
OALMLC-715Finance ModuleNew Account Summary ReportImprovementOpenOALM LC FutureUnresolved
OALMLC-888Finance ModuleFinance Reports By Budget YearImprovementOpenOALM LC FutureUnresolved
OALMLC-732Finance ModuleAdditional Levels Of Accounting CategoriesImprovementOpenOALM LC FutureUnresolved
OALMLC-861Finance ModuleSales Tax TrackingImprovementOpenOALM LC FutureUnresolved
OALMLC-667Finance ModuleUnreconciled ReportImprovementOpenOALM LC FutureUnresolved
OALMLC-853Finance ModuleYear Over Year Budget ComparisonImprovementOpenOALM LC FutureUnresolved
OALMLC-851Inventory ModuleAdd Shipping CostImprovementOpenOALM LC FutureUnresolved
OALMLC-416Inventory ModuleInventory PicturesImprovementOpenOALM LC FutureUnresolved
OALMLC-865Member Module - Grid ReportingAdd Resource Field To GridImprovementOpenOALM LC FutureUnresolved
OALMLC-782Member Module - Grid ReportingAdd Unit City To GridImprovementOpenOALM LC FutureUnresolved
OALMLC-216Member Module - ImportImport Updated Member Contact InformationImprovementOpenOALM LC FutureUnresolved
OALMLC-812Member Module - ImportImport Duplicate CheckImprovementOpenOALM LC FutureUnresolved
OALMLC-682Member Module - ImportAdd Import Fields For Medical InformationImprovementOpenOALM LC FutureUnresolved
OALMLC-818Member Module - Member EditorScout Rank FieldImprovementOpenOALM LC FutureUnresolved
OALMLC-826Member Module - Member EditorMember RelationshipsNew FeatureOpenOALM LC FutureUnresolved
OALMLC-814Member Module - Member EditorAdd Death Date FieldImprovementOpenOALM LC FutureUnresolved
OALMLC-820Member Module - Member EditorAnnual Data Update TrackingImprovementOpenOALM LC FutureUnresolved
OALMLC-767Member Module - Member EditorPrevent creation of duplicate memberImprovementOpenOALM LC FutureUnresolved
OALMLC-830Member Module - Member EditorAuto-Population Of Zip + FourImprovementOpenOALM LC FutureUnresolved
OALMLC-813Member Module - Member EditorZip Code Lookup TableImprovementOpenOALM LC FutureUnresolved
OALMLC-519Member Module - Member EditorUnknown Honor Date HandlingImprovementOpenOALM LC FutureUnresolved
OALMLC-518Member Module - Member Editor Automatically Populate The City Based On the ZipCodeImprovementOpenOALM LC FutureUnresolved
OALMLC-910Member Module - Member EditorBackground Check Field ImprovementOpenOALM LC FutureUnresolved
OALMLC-528Member Module - Member EditorAdd Individual History Button To the Member EditorImprovementOpenOALM LC FutureUnresolved
OALMLC-785Member Module - Member EditorCustom Data & Custom FieldsNew FeatureOpenOALM LC FutureUnresolved
OALMLC-607Member Module - Member EditorPasting Formatted Phone NumbersImprovementOpenOALM LC FutureUnresolved
OALMLC-620Member Module - Member EditorAdd Annual Pass Date FieldImprovementOpenOALM LC FutureUnresolved
OALMLC-835Member Module - Member EditorPosition Verification / Duplicate PreventionImprovementOpenOALM LC FutureUnresolved
OALMLC-836Member Module - Member EditorExpand Dietary Restrictions fieldImprovementOpenOALM LC FutureUnresolved
OALMLC-88Member Module - Member EditorCopying Member RecordNew FeatureOpenOALM LC FutureUnresolved
OALMLC-673Member Module - Member EditorYouth Protection LookupImprovementOpenOALM LC FutureUnresolved
OALMLC-1007Member Module - Member ManagerNeed a screen to edit position holdersImprovementOpenOALM LC FutureUnresolved
OALMLC-506Member Module - Member ManagerEnter Dues In BatchesNew FeatureOpenOALM LC FutureUnresolved
OALMLC-525Member Module - Member ManagerCreate a Duplicate Member CheckImprovementOpenOALM LC FutureUnresolved
OALMLC-322Member Module - Member ManagerMember Bulk UpdatingNew FeatureOpenOALM LC FutureUnresolved
OALMLC-439Member Module - Member ManagerUSPS Scraping & Unique AddressesImprovementOpenOALM LC FutureUnresolved
OALMLC-401Member Module - Member ManagerChapter Realignment ToolImprovementOpenOALM LC FutureUnresolved
OALMLC-437Member Module - Member ManagerMember PhotosImprovementOpenOALM LC FutureUnresolved
OALMLC-554Member Module - Member ManagerBulk Mailing Address ComparerImprovementOpenOALM LC FutureUnresolved
OALMLC-794Member Module - OtherVigil Petition WizardNew FeatureOpenOALM LC FutureUnresolved
OALMLC-828Member Module - OtherCommunications TrackingNew FeatureOpenOALM LC FutureUnresolved
OALMLC-1008Member Module - OtherDues Import Audit RecordImprovementOpenOALM LC FutureUnresolved
OALMLC-802Member Module - OtherMembership Data AuditNew FeatureOpenOALM LC FutureUnresolved
OALMLC-824Member Module - OtherMass Area Code UpdatesImprovementOpenOALM LC FutureUnresolved
OALMLC-924Member Module - OtherAwards Completion WizardImprovementOpenOALM LC FutureUnresolved
OALMLC-717Member Module - OtherYouth Protection AutomationNew FeatureOpenOALM LC FutureUnresolved
OALMLC-461Member Module - Saved ViewsChange Default Member Manager ViewNew FeatureOpenOALM LC FutureUnresolved
OALMLC-748Member Module - Saved ViewsAdd Vigil Sponsor To Available FieldsImprovementOpenOALM LC FutureUnresolved
OALMLC-800Member Module - Static ReportsMulti-Individual History ReportImprovementOpenOALM LC FutureUnresolved
OALMLC-778Member Module - Static ReportsNeed Awards Table Export AbilityImprovementOpenOALM LC FutureUnresolved
OALMLC-260Member Module - Static ReportsAdd Unit Roster to Member ManagerImprovementOpenOALM LC FutureUnresolved
OALMLC-816Member Module - Static ReportsIndividual Export FileImprovementOpenOALM LC FutureUnresolved
OALMLC-797Member Module - Static ReportsAdd Dues Year To Leadership RostersImprovementOpenOALM LC FutureUnresolved
OALMLC-318Member Module - Static ReportsCreate Duplicate Dues Report And Correction MethodNew FeatureOpenOALM LC FutureUnresolved
OALMLC-447Member Module - Static ReportsLEC Membership Statistics Summary ReportNew FeatureOpenOALM LC FutureUnresolved
OALMLC-798Member Module - Static ReportsImprove Resource ReportImprovementOpenOALM LC FutureUnresolved
OALMLC-795Member Module - Static ReportsLeadership Roster Without ChaptersImprovementOpenOALM LC FutureUnresolved
OALMLC-320Member Module - Static ReportsCreate Duplicate Address Report And Correction MethodNew FeatureOpenOALM LC FutureUnresolved
OALMLC-319Member Module - Static ReportsCreate Duplicate Contact Types Report and Correction MethodNew FeatureOpenOALM LC FutureUnresolved
OALMLC-796Member Module - Static ReportsDuplicate Member ReportImprovementOpenOALM LC FutureUnresolved
OALMLC-501Member Module - Static ReportsAdd Option To Show Date Instead of Year To The Awards History ReportImprovementOpenOALM LC FutureUnresolved
OALMLC-799Member Module - Static ReportsOrdeal To Brotherhood TrackingImprovementOpenOALM LC FutureUnresolved
OALMLC-825Member Module - Static ReportsOver-21 Notification For PositionsImprovementOpenOALM LC FutureUnresolved
OALMLC-636Member Module - Static ReportsInduction Statistics Year To Year ComparisonImprovementOpenOALM LC FutureUnresolved
OALMLC-599Member Module - Static ReportsAdd Duplicate BSA ID ReportNew FeatureOpenOALM LC FutureUnresolved
OALMLC-443Member Module - Static ReportsActive ReportImprovementOpenOALM LC FutureUnresolved
OALMLC-426Member Module - Static ReportsVigil Eligible StatisticsImprovementOpenOALM LC FutureUnresolved
OALMLC-425Member Module - Static ReportsOrdeal Member Statistical ReportImprovementOpenOALM LC FutureUnresolved
OALMLC-483Member Module - Static ReportsPosition History ReportImprovementOpenOALM LC FutureUnresolved
OALMLC-450Member Module - Static ReportsAttrition Report By ChapterNew FeatureOpenOALM LC FutureUnresolved
OALMLC-449Member Module - Static ReportsAdditional Dues Year Trend ChartsImprovementOpenOALM LC FutureUnresolved
OALMLC-557Member Module - Static ReportsMismatched Member / Unit Chapter ReportImprovementOpenOALM LC FutureUnresolved
OALMLC-422Member Module - Static ReportsTime To Brotherhood ChartImprovementOpenOALM LC FutureUnresolved
OALMLC-432Member Module - Static ReportsCreate Custom Dues FormsImprovementOpenOALM LC FutureUnresolved
OALMLC-490Member Module - Static ReportsAdd Phone Numbers To Leadership RosterImprovementOpenOALM LC FutureUnresolved
OALMLC-931Member Module - Static ReportsCreate Information Confirmation Report For Check-InImprovementOpenOALM LC FutureUnresolved
OALMLC-745Member Module - Static ReportsNOAC Attendee Analysis ReportImprovementOpenOALM LC FutureUnresolved
OALMLC-843Setup ModuleEvent Check-In Required FieldsImprovementOpenOALM LC FutureUnresolved
OALMLC-648Unit ManagerAdd BSA ID To Unit ReportsImprovementOpenOALM LC FutureUnresolved
OALMLC-919Unit ManagerAuto-Populate Unit Database From ScoutnetImprovementOpenOALM LC FutureUnresolved
OALMLC-793Unit ManagerScoutmaster Status On ReportsImprovementOpenOALM LC FutureUnresolved
OALMLC-464Unit ManagerAdd Level Information to the Unit Roster ReportImprovementOpenOALM LC FutureUnresolved
OALMLC-760Unit ManagerUnit Report Showing All Members With Their Max Dues YearNew FeatureOpenOALM LC FutureUnresolved
OALMLC-791Unit ManagerUnit Contact Comment FieldImprovementOpenOALM LC FutureUnresolved
OALMLC-990Unit ManagerUnit of Excellence Exclude Not Checked InImprovementOpenOALM LC FutureUnresolved
OALMLC-329Unit ManagerAdd Communications History ReportNew FeatureOpenOALM LC FutureUnresolved
OALMLC-395Unit ManagerAdd Contacts Who Are Not MembersImprovementOpenOALM LC FutureUnresolved
OALMLC-740Unit ManagerAdd Visit To Communication Type FieldsImprovementOpenOALM LC FutureUnresolved
OALMLC-741Unit ManagerAdd Ability To Track Unit Award To ExcellenceImprovementOpenOALM LC FutureUnresolved
OALMLC-880Unit ManagerUnit of Excellence Summary ReportImprovementOpenOALM LC FutureUnresolved
OALMLC-881Unit ManagerUnit of Excellence Award CertificateImprovementOpenOALM LC FutureUnresolved
OALMLC-396Unit ManagerPrevent Duplicate Units In Same DistrictImprovementOpenOALM LC FutureUnresolved
OALMLC-923Unit ManagerUnit Of Excellence Reports Duplicate UnitsImprovementOpenOALM LC FutureUnresolved
OALMLC-670Unit ManagerService Hours By Unit ReportImprovementOpenOALM LC FutureUnresolved
OALMLC-934Unit ManagerUnit Position HistoryImprovementOpenOALM LC FutureUnresolved
OALMLC-428Unit ManagerEmail Scoutmaster ReportImprovementOpenOALM LC FutureUnresolved
OALMLC-811Unit ManagerUnit Summer Camp TrackingImprovementOpenOALM LC FutureUnresolved
OALMLC-429Unit ManagerPre-Enter Unit Election InformationImprovementOpenOALM LC FutureUnresolved
OALMLC-438Unit ManagerUnit Elections ProcessImprovementOpenOALM LC FutureUnresolved
OALMLC-442Unit ManagerTroop/Team Rep. Program ToolsImprovementOpenOALM LC FutureUnresolved
OALMLC-427Unit ManagerUnit Election ReportImprovementOpenOALM LC FutureUnresolved
OALMLC-215User ManagerEmail OALM UsersImprovementOpenOALM LC FutureUnresolved
OALMLC-214User ManagerUser Manager Roles (Security Groups)ImprovementOpenOALM LC FutureUnresolved
OALMLC-211User ManagerCopy User PermissionsNew FeatureOpenOALM LC FutureUnresolved
OALMLC-536User ManagerUser Permission ReportNew FeatureOpenOALM LC FutureUnresolved
OALMLC-560User ManagerTracked Changes To User PermissionsImprovementOpenOALM LC FutureUnresolved
OALMLC-398User ManagerCopy User To New UserImprovementOpenOALM LC FutureUnresolved
OALMLC-335User ManagerUser Change History ReportNew FeatureOpenOALM LC FutureUnresolved
OALMLC-402User ManagerAdd Seperate Permission For Record InformationImprovementOpenOALM LC FutureUnresolved
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