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Below are all enhancements that have been requested by users. Please note that those listed as scheduled may change and the final version may not include all items listed. Those listed as non-scheduled are only requests and have not yet been prioritized for inclusion in a future version.

Scheduled Enhancements

Refresh Updated on 04/20/2019 at 4:40 AM

Ticket IDComponentDescriptionTypeStatusReleaseResolution
OALMLC-1545Charter & JTEAdd New JTE Requirement DB FieldsImprovementOpenOALM 4.3.0 
OALMLC-1012FinanceReimplement Finance Module In V4New FeatureOpenOALM 4.3.0 
OALMLC-1544Members - BSA Verification & ToolsUpdate Verification Checks To Check For Correct CouncilImprovementOpenOALM 4.3.0 
OALMLC-1565Members - Member EditorSimplified Key-3 Handling And ExportingImprovementOpenOALM 4.3.0 
OALMLC-1543Members - OtherCreate Member Change History Cleanup ScriptImprovementOpenOALM 4.3.0 
OALMLC-1487Other - Data RelatedRun Final Empty String / Date CleanupImprovementOpenOALM 4.3.0 
OALMLC-1542Other - Data RelatedAdd Expired User Invitations Cleanup ScriptImprovementOpenOALM 4.3.0 
OALMLC-1555Other - Data RelatedMigrate All Existing Member Change History Records To JsonImprovementOpenOALM 4.3.0 
OALMLC-1362UsersAdd User History Cleanup ScriptImprovementOpenOALM 4.3.0 
OALMLC-919UnitsAuto-Populate Unit Database From ScoutnetImprovementOpenOALM 4.4.0 
OALMLC-314Events - Attendee ManagerAdd Ability To Have Event Non-MembersNew FeatureOpenOALM 4.5.0 
OALMLC-558Events - Static ReportsCreate Custom Event Registration FormsImprovementOpenOALM 4.5.0 
OALMLC-432Members - Static ReportsCreate Custom Dues FormsImprovementOpenOALM 4.5.0 
OALMLC-395UnitsAdd Contacts Who Are Not MembersImprovementOpenOALM 4.5.0 
OALMLC-427UnitsUnit Election ReportImprovementOpenOALM 4.6.0 
OALMLC-429UnitsPre-Enter Unit Election InformationImprovementOpenOALM 4.6.0 
OALMLC-438UnitsUnit Elections ProcessImprovementOpenOALM 4.6.0 
OALMLC-791UnitsUnit Contact Comment FieldImprovementOpenOALM 4.6.0 
OALMLC-722Events - Attendee ManagerAllow Multiple Payments Per Event AttendeeImprovementOpenOALM 4.7.0 
OALMLC-789Events - Event SetupEvent Form URL FieldImprovementOpenOALM 4.7.0 
OALMLC-1402Portals - MembersDues Lookup & Member Data UpdateNew FeatureOpenOALM 4.7.0 
OALMLC-1404Portals - MembersAccount Creation ListImprovementOpenOALM 4.7.0 
OALMLC-1407Portals - MembersEvent RSVP SystemImprovementOpenOALM 4.7.0 
OALMLC-1408Portals - MembersSend QuestionsImprovementOpenOALM 4.7.0 
OALMLC-1409Portals - MembersEmail Unsubscribe AbilityImprovementOpenOALM 4.7.0 
OALMLC-1410Portals - MembersLodge Event CalendarImprovementOpenOALM 4.7.0 
OALMLC-1411Portals - MembersAdditional Data For Member ProfileImprovementOpenOALM 4.7.0 
OALMLC-1413Portals - MembersSelf-Print For Membership CardsImprovementOpenOALM 4.7.0 
OALMLC-1414Portals - MembersAbility To Claim IDImprovementOpenOALM 4.7.0 
OALMLC-1415Portals - MembersPrevent Under Age 13 AccountsImprovementOpenOALM 4.7.0 
OALMLC-1322Email - Email ManagerAdd Email Address Delivery ListImprovementOpenOALM 4.x.x 
OALMLC-1326Email - Email ManagerArchive Sent EmailImprovementOpenOALM 4.x.x 
OALMLC-1361Email - Email ManagerApproved & Scheduled Emails Versus SentImprovementOpenOALM 4.x.x 
OALMLC-1512Email - Email ManagerAdd Search Box To Email GridImprovementOpenOALM 4.x.x 
OALMLC-1586Email - Email ManagerInclude Removed Bad Formatted Emails in Failed CountImprovementOpenOALM 4.x.x 
OALMLC-1257Email - Send EmailRemove Azure Storage Dependency From OA.LM.LodgeImprovementOpenOALM 4.x.x 
OALMLC-1452Email - Send EmailAdd Count To Send Email Create ScreenImprovementOpenOALM 4.x.x 
OALMLC-1587Email - Server TasksAdmin Client Email Lookup ToolImprovementOpenOALM 4.x.x 
OALMLC-775Email - Server TasksSend Approved/Rejected Notice To Queue Managers and SenderImprovementOpenOALM 4.x.x 
OALMLC-1445Events - Attendee ManagerMake Event Fees Red If ExpiredImprovementOpenOALM 4.x.x 
OALMLC-1300Members - Member EditorMember Editor Character Limit ErrorImprovementOpenOALM 4.x.x 
OALMLC-834Members - Member EditorSpecial Needs Scouts Listed As YouthImprovementOpenOALM 4.x.x 
OALMLC-1080Other - MiscellaneousChange Creation Of Admin DB Context In Domain ServiceImprovementOpenOALM 4.x.x 
OALMLC-1488Other - User InterfaceImplement New Command Column Functionality Throughout ProgramImprovementOpenOALM 4.x.x 
OALMLC-1438SettingsChange Read Only Columns To System/PredefinedImprovementOpenOALM 4.x.x 
OALMLC-1441SettingsBlank Out Default StateImprovementOpenOALM 4.x.x 
OALMLC-1376Settings - Org. UnitsUnable To Delete Areas In New Lodge StructureImprovementOpenOALM 4.x.x 
OALMLC-1459Settings - Org. UnitsAllow Org. Units To Be OrderedImprovementOpenOALM 4.x.x 
OALMLC-1460Settings - Org. UnitsAllow Org. Unit Positions To Be OrderedImprovementOpenOALM 4.x.x 
OALMLC-1463Settings - Org. UnitsAdd Event Location To Org. Units For ChaptersImprovementOpenOALM 4.x.x 
OALMLC-949Settings - Org. UnitsMerge Lodge Structure EntriesImprovementOpenOALM 4.x.x 
OALMLC-1425UsersDelete User Invitation That Was Never AcceptedImprovementOpenOALM 4.x.x 
OALMLC-1447UsersEmail Approval Permission Missing On Chapter LevelImprovementOpenOALM 4.x.x 

Non-Scheduled Enhancements

Refresh Updated on 04/20/2019 at 4:40 AM

Ticket IDComponentDescriptionTypeStatusReleaseResolution
OALMLC-1109AssetsAsset Renew FunctionImprovementOpenOALM Future 
OALMLC-351AuctionAuction ModuleNew FeatureOpenOALM Future 
OALMLC-777CeremoniesCan't Add Adults To A Historical Ceremony As Youth ParticipantsImprovementOpenOALM Future 
OALMLC-855CeremoniesEmail CeremonialistsImprovementOpenOALM Future 
OALMLC-896CeremoniesCeremonies Performance EntryImprovementOpenOALM Future 
OALMLC-1509Charter & JTEAdd Reload But Perserve Manual Entries OptionImprovementOpenOALM Future 
OALMLC-1566Charter & JTERun All Chapters For JTE Finishline ReportImprovementOpenOALM Future 
OALMLC-226Charter & JTEAdd Option To JTE To Only Include Audit Status Equals RegisteredNew FeatureOpenOALM Future 
OALMLC-81CommitteesAdd Committee ModuleImprovementOpenOALM Future 
OALMLC-1302Common - Grid / Saved ViewsAllow User Resizing Advanced Filtering ModalImprovementOpenOALM Future 
OALMLC-1490Common - Grid / Saved ViewsImplement New Filter Panel In View Based GridsImprovementOpenOALM Future 
OALMLC-656Common - Grid / Saved ViewsAdd 'Displaying' Text To Saved View GridImprovementOpenOALM Future 
OALMLC-932Common - Grid / Saved ViewsSetup Private ViewsImprovementOpenOALM Future 
OALMLC-1453Common - Grid LabelsAdd Custom Text Option For Labels Line OneImprovementOpenOALM Future 
OALMLC-433Common - Grid LabelsPostal BarcodesImprovementOpenOALM Future 
OALMLC-79Common - Grid Membership CardsSignature Image For Membership CardsImprovementOpenOALM Future 
OALMLC-1353DashboardAdd Key-3 Update To Dashboard & Add ReminderImprovementOpenOALM Future 
OALMLC-1444Email - Email ManagerAllow Scheduling Emails Farther OutImprovementOpenOALM Future 
OALMLC-149Email - Email ManagerAdd Ability To Have Custom Merge FieldsNew FeatureOpenOALM Future 
OALMLC-695Email - Email ManagerConfig Option to Copy Specific Addresses On All EmailsImprovementReopenedOALM Future 
OALMLC-858Email - Email ManagerAdd Email History Tracking By MemberImprovementOpenOALM Future 
OALMLC-1521Email - Send EmailAdd Email TemplatesImprovementOpenOALM Future 
OALMLC-699Email - Send EmailEmail Abuse Report Update Not LoggedImprovementOpenOALM Future 
OALMLC-736Email - Send EmailDefault Email Contact TypesImprovementOpenOALM Future 
OALMLC-758Email - Send EmailText MessagesNew FeatureOpenOALM Future 
OALMLC-1060Events - Attendee ManagerCheck-In PermissionImprovementOpenOALM Future 
OALMLC-1328Events - Attendee ManagerAdd Is Canncelled Flag For Event AttendeesImprovementReopenedOALM Future 
OALMLC-1454Events - Attendee ManagerAdd Barcode Check-in Field For EventsImprovementOpenOALM Future 
OALMLC-400Events - Attendee ManagerHealth Information Usage In EventsImprovementOpenOALM Future 
OALMLC-404Events - Attendee ManagerMass Add Annual Pass Members To EventImprovementOpenOALM Future 
OALMLC-435Events - Attendee ManagerSend Emails To ClansImprovementOpenOALM Future 
OALMLC-516Events - Attendee ManagerEdit Service Hours In The Event Attendee GridImprovementOpenOALM Future 
OALMLC-654Events - Attendee ManagerBulk Add Member View To EventImprovementOpenOALM Future 
OALMLC-665Events - Attendee ManagerEligibility Date Handling For EventsImprovementOpenOALM Future 
OALMLC-735Events - Attendee ManagerIndividual HIstory Button In Event ManagerImprovementOpenOALM Future 
OALMLC-743Events - Attendee ManagerAuto Register Members Of ECMImprovementOpenOALM Future 
OALMLC-841Events - Attendee ManagerStore Wristband Number / Unique IDImprovementOpenOALM Future 
OALMLC-842Events - Attendee ManagerAdd Housing LocationImprovementOpenOALM Future 
OALMLC-862Events - Attendee ManagerTrack Return Of Health FormsImprovementOpenOALM Future 
OALMLC-925Events - Attendee ManagerAdd Custom Event ColumnsImprovementOpenOALM Future 
OALMLC-839Events - Clan EditorAdd Clan Generator OptionsImprovementOpenOALM Future 
OALMLC-848Events - Clan EditorAdd Role To Elangomat ScreenImprovementOpenOALM Future 
OALMLC-161Events - Event ManagerEvent Breakdown Dashboard and ReportNew FeatureOpenOALM Future 
OALMLC-280Events - Event ManagerCreate Another Event Based On Existing EventNew FeatureOpenOALM Future 
OALMLC-515Events - Event ManagerExport Selected Event DataImprovementOpenOALM Future 
OALMLC-779Events - Event ManagerAdd Functionality To Check Attendance At Prior EventsImprovementOpenOALM Future 
OALMLC-1357Events - Event SetupEvent Categorization ImprovementsImprovementOpenOALM Future 
OALMLC-217Events - Graduation WizardsEvent Checkout WizardImprovementOpenOALM Future 
OALMLC-291Events - Graduation WizardsAdd Information To Be Entered Into Member Record into the Graduation WizardsImprovementOpenOALM Future 
OALMLC-327Events - Graduation WizardsGraduate Members At Training EventsNew FeatureOpenOALM Future 
OALMLC-922Events - Graduation WizardsDues Payment WizardNew FeatureOpenOALM Future 
OALMLC-864Events - ImportAdd Medical Fields To Event ImportImprovementOpenOALM Future 
OALMLC-1006Events - OtherEvent Closing Report AttachmentsImprovementOpenOALM Future 
OALMLC-1329Events - OtherEvent KIOSK ModeImprovementOpenOALM Future 
OALMLC-579Events - OtherExport Event LocationsImprovementOpenOALM Future 
OALMLC-806Events - OtherTrack Sale Of Items During RegistrationNew FeatureOpenOALM Future 
OALMLC-838Events - OtherAdd Simple Meeting InterfaceImprovementOpenOALM Future 
OALMLC-1446Events - ServiceAdd Role Filter To Service Hours WizardImprovementOpenOALM Future 
OALMLC-852Events - ServiceAdd Non-Event Based Service HoursImprovementOpenOALM Future 
OALMLC-917Events - ServiceUpload Service Hours From ExcelNew FeatureOpenOALM Future 
OALMLC-1579Events - Static ReportsEvent Role ReportImprovementOpenOALM Future 
OALMLC-405Events - Static ReportsAdd Report Of Registrations By DateImprovementOpenOALM Future 
OALMLC-419Events - Static ReportsEvent Attendance Count ReportImprovementOpenOALM Future 
OALMLC-463Events - Static ReportsAdd Level Information to the Detail Clan ReportImprovementOpenOALM Future 
OALMLC-660Events - Static ReportsClan Post-Ordeal Activity ReportImprovementOpenOALM Future 
OALMLC-803Events - Static ReportsExtended Elangomat ReportImprovementOpenOALM Future 
OALMLC-805Events - Static ReportsDues Payments To Event ReportsImprovementOpenOALM Future 
OALMLC-808Events - Static ReportsAbility To Print ReceiptsImprovementOpenOALM Future 
OALMLC-845Events - Static ReportsInformation Verification SheetImprovementOpenOALM Future 
OALMLC-870Events - Static ReportsEvent Summary By Payment TypeImprovementOpenOALM Future 
OALMLC-1519FinanceAPI Link To BSA General Ledger SystemImprovementOpenOALM Future 
OALMLC-576FinanceImport Council GL DataNew FeatureOpenOALM Future 
OALMLC-588FinanceAdd Account Column To Account Activity ReportImprovementOpenOALM Future 
OALMLC-667FinanceUnreconciled ReportImprovementOpenOALM Future 
OALMLC-715FinanceNew Account Summary ReportImprovementOpenOALM Future 
OALMLC-732FinanceAdditional Levels Of Accounting CategoriesImprovementOpenOALM Future 
OALMLC-809FinanceAccount Transfer With Category TrackingImprovementOpenOALM Future 
OALMLC-810FinanceAdd Finance Monthly Detailed ReportImprovementOpenOALM Future 
OALMLC-853FinanceYear Over Year Budget ComparisonImprovementOpenOALM Future 
OALMLC-854FinanceChapter Level Accounts & BudgetsImprovementOpenOALM Future 
OALMLC-861FinanceSales Tax TrackingImprovementOpenOALM Future 
OALMLC-888FinanceFinance Reports By Budget YearImprovementOpenOALM Future 
OALMLC-938FinanceAdd Receipt/Transaction Field & ColumnImprovementOpenOALM Future 
OALMLC-416InventoryInventory PicturesImprovementOpenOALM Future 
OALMLC-851InventoryAdd Shipping CostImprovementOpenOALM Future 
OALMLC-461Members - Grid Views & ReportingChange Default Member Manager ViewNew FeatureOpenOALM Future 
OALMLC-748Members - Grid Views & ReportingAdd Vigil Sponsor To Available FieldsImprovementOpenOALM Future 
OALMLC-782Members - Grid Views & ReportingAdd Unit City To GridImprovementOpenOALM Future 
OALMLC-865Members - Grid Views & ReportingAdd Resource Field To GridImprovementOpenOALM Future 
OALMLC-1153Members - ImportImport Data RestrictionsImprovementOpenOALM Future 
OALMLC-1313Members - ImportAllow Custom Contact Type ImportsImprovementOpenOALM Future 
OALMLC-216Members - ImportImport Updated Member Contact InformationImprovementOpenOALM Future 
OALMLC-812Members - ImportMember Import Duplicate CheckImprovementOpenOALM Future 
OALMLC-1130Members - Member EditorCollapse/Expand All Data GroupsImprovementOpenOALM Future 
OALMLC-1152Members - Member EditorAdd Main Phone Number and Email FieldsImprovementOpenOALM Future 
OALMLC-1255Members - Member EditorAdd Name/Notes Field To Screens For Phone/EmailImprovementOpenOALM Future 
OALMLC-1287Members - Member EditorChange Health Notes To Text BoxImprovementOpenOALM Future 
OALMLC-1351Members - Member EditorSave User Modified GridsImprovementOpenOALM Future 
OALMLC-1440Members - Member EditorAdd As Of Date A Member Joined The LodgeImprovementOpenOALM Future 
OALMLC-1451Members - Member EditorAdd Copy/Clone As New Family MemberImprovementOpenOALM Future 
OALMLC-1457Members - Member EditorChange Phone Number Storage MethodImprovementOpenOALM Future 
OALMLC-1535Members - Member EditorMember Status Change from Member EditorNew FeatureOpenOALM Future 
OALMLC-1553Members - Member EditorAdd Separate DB Tables For Phone And EmailImprovementOpenOALM Future 
OALMLC-517Members - Member EditorClear Contact Flags When Contact Data Is Removed Or EditedImprovementOpenOALM Future 
OALMLC-518Members - Member EditorAutomatically Populate The City Based On the ZipCodeImprovementOpenOALM Future 
OALMLC-519Members - Member EditorUnknown Honor Date HandlingImprovementOpenOALM Future 
OALMLC-528Members - Member EditorAdd Individual History Button To the Member EditorImprovementOpenOALM Future 
OALMLC-607Members - Member EditorPasting Formatted Phone NumbersImprovementOpenOALM Future 
OALMLC-620Members - Member EditorAdd Annual Pass Date FieldImprovementOpenOALM Future 
OALMLC-767Members - Member EditorPrevent Creation Of Duplicate MemberImprovementOpenOALM Future 
OALMLC-785Members - Member EditorCustom Data & Custom FieldsNew FeatureOpenOALM Future 
OALMLC-813Members - Member EditorZip Code Lookup TableImprovementOpenOALM Future 
OALMLC-814Members - Member EditorAdd Death Date FieldImprovementOpenOALM Future 
OALMLC-818Members - Member EditorScout Rank FieldImprovementOpenOALM Future 
OALMLC-820Members - Member EditorAnnual Data Update TrackingImprovementOpenOALM Future 
OALMLC-826Members - Member EditorMember RelationshipsNew FeatureOpenOALM Future 
OALMLC-830Members - Member EditorAuto-Population Of Zip + FourImprovementOpenOALM Future 
OALMLC-835Members - Member EditorPosition Verification / Duplicate PreventionImprovementOpenOALM Future 
OALMLC-836Members - Member EditorExpand Dietary Restrictions fieldImprovementOpenOALM Future 
OALMLC-88Members - Member EditorCopying Member RecordNew FeatureOpenOALM Future 
OALMLC-910Members - Member EditorBackground Check FieldImprovementOpenOALM Future 
OALMLC-1007Members - Member ManagerNeed Screen To Edit Position HoldersImprovementOpenOALM Future 
OALMLC-1074Members - Member ManagerAdd Phone Number & Email Member SearchImprovementOpenOALM Future 
OALMLC-1310Members - Member ManagerMerge Member RecordsImprovementOpenOALM Future 
OALMLC-1533Members - Member ManagerMember Search By EmailImprovementOpenOALM Future 
OALMLC-322Members - Member ManagerMember Bulk UpdatingNew FeatureOpenOALM Future 
OALMLC-401Members - Member ManagerChapter Realignment ToolImprovementOpenOALM Future 
OALMLC-437Members - Member ManagerMember PhotosImprovementOpenOALM Future 
OALMLC-439Members - Member ManagerUSPS Scraping & Unique AddressesImprovementOpenOALM Future 
OALMLC-506Members - Member ManagerEnter Dues In BatchesNew FeatureOpenOALM Future 
OALMLC-554Members - Member ManagerBulk Mailing Address ComparerImprovementOpenOALM Future 
OALMLC-1312Members - OtherDeleted Member View ImprovementsImprovementOpenOALM Future 
OALMLC-794Members - OtherVigil Petition WizardNew FeatureOpenOALM Future 
OALMLC-802Members - OtherMembership Data AuditNew FeatureOpenOALM Future 
OALMLC-824Members - OtherMass Area Code UpdatesImprovementOpenOALM Future 
OALMLC-828Members - OtherCommunications TrackingNew FeatureOpenOALM Future 
OALMLC-924Members - OtherAwards Completion WizardImprovementOpenOALM Future 
OALMLC-1101Members - Static ReportsHistory of Positions ReportImprovementOpenOALM Future 
OALMLC-260Members - Static ReportsAdd Unit Roster to Member ManagerImprovementOpenOALM Future 
OALMLC-318Members - Static ReportsCreate Duplicate Dues Report And Correction MethodNew FeatureOpenOALM Future 
OALMLC-319Members - Static ReportsCreate Duplicate Contact Types Report and Correction MethodNew FeatureOpenOALM Future 
OALMLC-320Members - Static ReportsCreate Duplicate Address Report And Correction MethodNew FeatureOpenOALM Future 
OALMLC-422Members - Static ReportsTime To Brotherhood ChartImprovementOpenOALM Future 
OALMLC-425Members - Static ReportsOrdeal Member Statistical ReportImprovementOpenOALM Future 
OALMLC-426Members - Static ReportsVigil Eligible StatisticsImprovementOpenOALM Future 
OALMLC-447Members - Static ReportsLEC Membership Statistics Summary ReportNew FeatureOpenOALM Future 
OALMLC-449Members - Static ReportsAdditional Dues Year Trend ChartsImprovementOpenOALM Future 
OALMLC-450Members - Static ReportsAttrition Report By ChapterNew FeatureOpenOALM Future 
OALMLC-483Members - Static ReportsPosition History ReportImprovementOpenOALM Future 
OALMLC-490Members - Static ReportsAdd Phone Numbers To Leadership RosterImprovementOpenOALM Future 
OALMLC-501Members - Static ReportsAdd Option To Show Date Instead of Year To The Awards History ReportImprovementOpenOALM Future 
OALMLC-557Members - Static ReportsMismatched Member / Unit Chapter ReportImprovementOpenOALM Future 
OALMLC-599Members - Static ReportsDuplicate Member Report Based On BSA IDNew FeatureOpenOALM Future 
OALMLC-636Members - Static ReportsInduction Statistics Year To Year ComparisonImprovementOpenOALM Future 
OALMLC-745Members - Static ReportsNOAC Attendee Analysis ReportImprovementOpenOALM Future 
OALMLC-778Members - Static ReportsNeed Awards Table Export AbilityImprovementOpenOALM Future 
OALMLC-795Members - Static ReportsLeadership Roster Without ChaptersImprovementOpenOALM Future 
OALMLC-796Members - Static ReportsDuplicate Member Report Based On Name & DOBImprovementOpenOALM Future 
OALMLC-797Members - Static ReportsAdd Dues Year To Leadership RostersImprovementOpenOALM Future 
OALMLC-798Members - Static ReportsImprove Resource ReportImprovementOpenOALM Future 
OALMLC-799Members - Static ReportsOrdeal To Brotherhood TrackingImprovementOpenOALM Future 
OALMLC-800Members - Static ReportsMulti-Individual History ReportImprovementOpenOALM Future 
OALMLC-816Members - Static ReportsIndividual Export FileImprovementOpenOALM Future 
OALMLC-825Members - Static ReportsOver-21 Notification For PositionsImprovementOpenOALM Future 
OALMLC-931Members - Static ReportsCreate Information Confirmation Report For Check-InImprovementOpenOALM Future 
OALMLC-1359Other - Data RelatedDatabase Changes - Remove Fields & TablesImprovementOpenOALM Future 
OALMLC-1580Other - LoginCurrent Lodge IndicationImprovementOpenOALM Future 
OALMLC-915Other - LoginRequire Two-Factor Authentication For OALM LoginsNew FeatureOpenOALM Future 
OALMLC-991Other - MiscellaneousStatusPage IntegrationNew FeatureOpenOALM Future 
OALMLC-255Other - Offline SynchronizationSync Conflict ManagementImprovementOpenOALM Future 
OALMLC-407Other - Offline SynchronizationSync Framework File CleanupImprovementOpenOALM Future 
OALMLC-408Other - Offline SynchronizationIdentity Management For Tables On ServerImprovementOpenOALM Future 
OALMLC-409Other - Offline SynchronizationThreshold For ClientsImprovementOpenOALM Future 
OALMLC-410Other - Offline SynchronizationHistory Tracking For SyncImprovementOpenOALM Future 
OALMLC-604Other - Offline SynchronizationRe-Sync If Sync Errors OccuredImprovementOpenOALM Future 
OALMLC-1327Other - User InterfaceAllow Higher Contrast MenusImprovementOpenOALM Future 
OALMLC-1489Other - User InterfaceImplement New Real-Time Data Functionality For Grids With SignalRImprovementOpenOALM Future 
OALMLC-1403Portals - MembersSubmit Updates To Unit Contact ImformationImprovementOpenOALM Future 
OALMLC-1405Portals - MembersPost Event SurveysImprovementOpenOALM Future 
OALMLC-1406Portals - MembersEmail Confirmation FunctionImprovementOpenOALM Future 
OALMLC-1412Portals - MembersAllow Unit Leaders/OA Troop Reps to view the Unit Roster and Unit of Excellence Award ReportImprovementOpenOALM Future 
OALMLC-1416Portals - MembersScoutmaster Communication PortalImprovementOpenOALM Future 
OALMLC-1417Portals - Region & SectionAdd Lodge Key-3 ExtractNew FeatureOpenOALM Future 
OALMLC-1418Portals - Region & SectionEmails From Sections & RegionsNew FeatureOpenOALM Future 
OALMLC-1419Portals - Region & SectionRegion Based User ManagementNew FeatureOpenOALM Future 
OALMLC-1420Portals - Region & SectionQueue National Emails To Key-3New FeatureOpenOALM Future 
OALMLC-1166SettingsSet Member Position Types As InactiveImprovementOpenOALM Future 
OALMLC-1237SettingsMerge Address & Contact TypesImprovementOpenOALM Future 
OALMLC-1245SettingsAdd Parent / Guardian As Default Email TypeImprovementOpenOALM Future 
OALMLC-1442SettingsAdd Annual Dues Price To Config ValuesImprovementOpenOALM Future 
OALMLC-1449SettingsAdd Inactive Flag For Event LocationsImprovementOpenOALM Future 
OALMLC-1532SettingsDefault Annual Pass Dollar AmountNew FeatureOpenOALM Future 
OALMLC-630SettingsAdd Date of Birth Visiblity OptionImprovementOpenOALM Future 
OALMLC-843SettingsEvent Check-In Required FieldsImprovementOpenOALM Future 
OALMLC-1421Settings - Org. UnitsAdd Field For Frequency For Chapter MeetingsImprovementOpenOALM Future 
OALMLC-1426Settings - Org. UnitsAdd Position Org. ChartNew FeatureOpenOALM Future 
OALMLC-1270UnitsUnit of Excellence Summary ReportImprovementOpenOALM Future 
OALMLC-1299UnitsUpdate Members Chapter after Chapter Unit ChangeImprovementOpenOALM Future 
OALMLC-1364UnitsAdd Term Dates To OA Troop Rep & AdviserImprovementOpenOALM Future 
OALMLC-329UnitsAdd Communications History ReportNew FeatureOpenOALM Future 
OALMLC-396UnitsPrevent Duplicate Units In Same DistrictImprovementOpenOALM Future 
OALMLC-428UnitsEmail Scoutmaster ReportImprovementOpenOALM Future 
OALMLC-442UnitsTroop/Team Rep. Program ToolsImprovementOpenOALM Future 
OALMLC-464UnitsAdd Level Information to the Unit Roster ReportImprovementOpenOALM Future 
OALMLC-648UnitsAdd BSA ID To Unit ReportsImprovementOpenOALM Future 
OALMLC-670UnitsService Hours By Unit ReportImprovementOpenOALM Future 
OALMLC-741UnitsAdd Ability To Track Unit Award To ExcellenceImprovementOpenOALM Future 
OALMLC-760UnitsUnit Report Showing All Members With Their Max Dues YearNew FeatureOpenOALM Future 
OALMLC-793UnitsScoutmaster Status On ReportsImprovementOpenOALM Future 
OALMLC-811UnitsUnit Summer Camp TrackingImprovementOpenOALM Future 
OALMLC-880UnitsUnit of Excellence Summary ReportImprovementOpenOALM Future 
OALMLC-881UnitsUnit of Excellence Award CertificateImprovementOpenOALM Future 
OALMLC-923UnitsUnit Of Excellence Reports Duplicate UnitsImprovementOpenOALM Future 
OALMLC-934UnitsUnit Position HistoryImprovementOpenOALM Future 
OALMLC-1265Units - Static ReportsInclude/Exclude Ordeal Candidates On Unit Detail ReportImprovementOpenOALM Future 
OALMLC-1055UsersUser Permission Audit LogImprovementOpenOALM Future 
OALMLC-1092UsersAdd A Simple View Of User's PermissionImprovementOpenOALM Future 
OALMLC-1200UsersUser Access to Specific EventsImprovementOpenOALM Future 
OALMLC-1238UsersDelete Inactive UsersImprovementOpenOALM Future 
OALMLC-1263UsersAllow Event View-Only Users to View Edit Attendee ScreenImprovementOpenOALM Future 
OALMLC-1293UsersView Other Notes User PermissionImprovementOpenOALM Future 
OALMLC-1319UsersPermission For Resources OnlyImprovementOpenOALM Future 
OALMLC-151UsersUser Message CenterNew FeatureOpenOALM Future 
OALMLC-211UsersCopy User PermissionsNew FeatureOpenOALM Future 
OALMLC-214UsersUser Manager Roles (Security Groups)ImprovementOpenOALM Future 
OALMLC-215UsersEmail OALM UsersImprovementOpenOALM Future 
OALMLC-335UsersUser Change History ReportNew FeatureOpenOALM Future 
OALMLC-402UsersAdd Seperate Permission For Record InformationImprovementOpenOALM Future 
OALMLC-536UsersUser Permission ReportNew FeatureOpenOALM Future 
OALMLC-560UsersTracked Changes To User PermissionsImprovementOpenOALM Future 

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