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Accessing User Administration

Those with permission to add and edit users in OALM can do so by clicking the Users icon in the Admin pane.

You will then see a list of all users that have access to your lodge's database.

Adding Users

Not for updating OALM Administrators

This is not the process for assigning or reassigning lodge administrators for OA LodgeMaster.  This is only the process by which you add additional users to your OA LodgeMaster database and edit their permissions.  To assign or reassign OA LodgeMaster administrators, please visit Appointing an OA LodgeMaster Administrator.




The first area you will want to fill in is the basic account information.  You will want to establish a username and password (make sure you confirm it!) and whether this account receives access to the offline client.  You can also assign the account to a member record in your lodge.  This is required if you wish to assign chapter-level permissions.

To add a new user, simply click on the "Add User" button at the top left-hand side of the screen.  This will present you with a new view where you can add a new user to your lodge's database.




Best Practice: Add Person Records to Accounts

While it is optional to assign an account to a member record unless you intend on granting chapter-level permissions, it can be helpful to assign the record so that you know specifically who has access to OA LodgeMaster.


New in 3.3.1

To quickly grant OALM users full access to the lodge or chapter, or to pull their access to the lodge or chapter level, click on the "Set" (grant) or "Remove" (pull) buttons next to "All Lodge" or "All Chapter" labels below the account's username and password fields

After completing this task, you will need to assign account permissions.  To assign a specific permission to an account, click the checkbox next to the permission.  Note that permissions are broken down into lodge-level and chapter-level permissions, based on a member's record in OALM.

Permissions are further broken down into view, edit, insert, and delete access.  "View" permissions allow an account to access an area of OALM.  "Edit" permissions permit the account to make changes to records in OALM.  "Insert" and "Delete" only apply to Member Manager permissions, and allows the account to add or remove records.  Access higher than "View" access assumes "View" access, so you cannot pull View access for an account that has a higher permission level than View.

Once you've finished assigning permissions, click "Save."  The account is immediately active.

Editing & Deleting Users

To edit or delete a user, from the main users view, click on the user and click on the "Edit" or "Delete" buttons at the top of the screen.  You can then change a user's username or password, or update their permissions, using the steps above.


The users administration area allows two reports to be generated.  The first, titled "Last Login Report", allows you to generate a report of each user's last login date.  This basically captures the main User Administration view in report form.

The second report is titled "Detailed Login History Report", and displays the last 50 times a user has logged into OALM.

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