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The documentation below is still being updated. Check back for updates as the documentation team updates pages for the new Lodge Client.

Available Documentation

Project Blog

OA LodgeMaster Users, The Order of the Arrow LodgeMaster along with the BSA have fixed the bug discovered in the Automatic BSA Verification released in version 4.2.0. Overnight the LodgeMaster team published a new version of the online client that fixes the bug. For more information on how the new BSA Verification works refer to the Lodge Client 4.2.0 release notes…
OA LodgeMaster Users, On Tuesday, January 2, 2019 the LodgeMaster team was made aware of a possible issue with the new automatic BSA Verification released in version 4.2.0 of the Lodge Client. After extensive testing, the LodgeMaster team has identified an issue with one part the BSA Verification process. Beginning at midnight on January 1, 2019 the BSA Registration Status began showing as Not Active for almost all members.…

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