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The Import Members feature is only for importing new members into LodgeMaster. The Import Members function is not a bulk update feature. Using the feature in this way will result in duplicate members being created.

Step-by-step guide for how to import members using an Excel (.xlsx) or CSV file


titleOnline vs. Offline Client

Although the Import tools are included in both the online and offline clients, it is suggested that, if possible, the online client is used for imports. The online client is more powerful and often increases the speed of long operations such as data imports.


  1. Click on the  button. A file explorer window will open:
  2. Select the Excel (.xlsx) or CSV (.csv) file containing the members that you would like to import and click .   (Excel 2007 or later required to generate .xlsx format files.)


    Incorrect formatting may cause LodgeMaster to crash or update things that should not change. Misspelled chapters will result in a new chapter being created and having anything other than numbers (Ex. dashes, parentheses, spaces) in phone number fields will cause LodgeMaster to log-out the user. Additionally, having columns that are blank for every row will result in logging-out the user.

  3. A new window will open called "Member Import" with two columns called "Import Field" and "OALM Field." Match the fields header from the datasheet being imported with the LodgeMaster field. LodgeMaster will automatically match columns that have exactly the same headers, otherwise, you must manually select what LodgeMaster field matches the table field.
  4. Click  to begin importing the members. The next page will show the progress of the Import.
  5. When the import is completed, and there are no errors (left) click . If there are errors (right), review them to see if the imported members need correction. You may save the errors as a plain text (.txt) file by pressing .