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This will give you a box to enter the details for the email.

titleHTML Email

As of OALM 3.3.6, HTML emails can now be sent through the email client.  To send an HTML email, change the radio button from Plain Text to HTML.

titleHTML Email Editor and macOS

In recent versions of macOS, you may find that some common keyboard shortcuts you're used to, like "Command-B" for bold-faced text or "Command-I" for italic text, don't work as they're supposed to. In these cases, pretend you're on a PC and try using the "Control" button instead of the "Command" button to execute the shortcut. It should work properly with that little switch.

The From Address is where you want replies sent if someone replies to the email.

Subject and Message should be obvious.

titleSubject Line

As of OALM 3.3.5, the subject line will be preceded with "[Lodge Name] Lodge, OA -" and will be followed by what is input in the subject line.

Above the email is a tab labeled Attachments. If you need to attach a file to the email, such as an event flyer, that is where to go to do so. Click the Add Attachment button, then pick the file. LodgeMaster will only allow certain filetypes, so if the file you want is grayed out, it probably doesn't like that file format. We recommend using PDF whenever possible, as many people don't have access to MS Word or other tools often used to create flyers.