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Comment: it works on High Sierra with a workaround, so don't say it doesn't.


OA LodgeMaster provides cross platform access to your lodge data wherever you have an internet connection. For the best results we recommend using the latest version of one of the following web browsers, which are all available for free:

  • Microsoft Internet Explorer (Windows) (Windows 10 note: Edge (the default browser in Windows 10) does not work with Silverlight, you must use IE, which can be found under Windows Accessories in the application menu)
  • Mozilla Firefox ESR (Windows, Mac OS X) (note: the consumer release of Firefox does not work with Silverlight, you must use the ESR version)
  • Safari (Mac OS X) (note: Import and Export of data only works on Mac OS X 10.12.x "Sierra" and older, it does not work in 10.13.x "High Sierra". You can still view and edit data in High Sierra. If you have High Sierra and need to import/export data, you'll need to use Mozilla Firefox ESR make this settings change to make it work)

Does the offline version of OA LodgeMaster run on my computer?