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You get an error stating "Permission Denied" when trying to import to or export from LodgeMaster, or when trying to upload files to attach to email, while using Safari.


Safari 6.1 and later sandbox (isolate) plugins (including Silverlight) to prevent access to system resources. This can be overridden on a per-website basis.

To enable filesystem access for LodgeMaster:

  1. Log into LodgeMaster via the website
  2. Once you've logged in, go to the Safari menu (left edge of the menu bar next to the Apple logo) and choose Preferences
  3. Click the Security tab
  4. Next to the "Allow plug-ins" checkbox, click on the "Manage Website Settings" button
  5. Click on SIlverlight in the left-hand column if it's not already selected
  6. On the right-hand side, since you have the LodgeMaster site loaded already, it should be listed there under "Currently open websites", with a drop-down menu currently reading "Allow" on it. Change that drop-down menu to read "Run in Unsafe Mode"
  7. It will prompt you "Are you sure you want to trust the website “” to run “Silverlight” in unsafe mode?". Click "Trust"
  8. Click "Done", then go ahead and close the preferences window.