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Below are all known issues that have been reported that have not yet been released. Please note that the release noted may change and the final version may not include all items listed.


Ticket IDComponentDescriptionTypeStatusReleaseResolution
OALMLC-1356Asset ModuleAsset DeleteBugOpenOALM 4.1.1Unresolved
OALMLC-1318Ceremonies ModuleUnable to Delete Ceremonies Team MembersBugOpenOALM 4.1.1Unresolved
OALMLC-1311Ceremonies ModuleRemove Chapter for Ceremonies TeamBugOpenOALM 4.1.1Unresolved
OALMLC-1282Ceremonies ModuleUnable to Save Ceremony Team MembersBugOpenOALM 4.1.1Unresolved
OALMLC-1343Common - Grid / Saved ViewsSeparate Pages Per Report OptionBugOpenOALM 4.1.1Unresolved
OALMLC-1335Common - Grid / Saved ViewsReset View after Empty Filter DatasetBugOpenOALM 4.1.1Unresolved
OALMLC-1314Common - Grid / Saved ViewsBad Email Flag Incorrect in Grid ViewsBugOpenOALM 4.1.1Unresolved
OALMLC-1288Common - Grid / Saved ViewsPreserve Column Order in Saved ViewsBugOpenOALM 4.1.1Unresolved
OALMLC-1289Common - Grid / Saved ViewsVigil Committee Prospects View ErrorBugOpenOALM 4.1.1Unresolved
OALMLC-1285Common - Grid / Saved ViewsAllow Filtering of Positions in GridBugOpenOALM 4.1.1Unresolved
OALMLC-1241Common - Grid / Saved ViewsCustom View Columns Reorder On ReloadBugOpenOALM 4.1.1Unresolved
OALMLC-1264Common - Grid ExportExport Labels to XLS File ErrorBugOpenOALM 4.1.1Unresolved
OALMLC-1268Common - Grid Membership CardsMembership Card Printing from Custom ViewBugOpenOALM 4.1.1Unresolved
OALMLC-1251Common - Grid Membership CardsInclude Middle Initial on Membership CardsBugOpenOALM 4.1.1Unresolved
OALMLC-1341Common - Grid ReportsRoster Report Does Not Iinclude ChildrenBugOpenOALM 4.1.1Unresolved
OALMLC-1305Common - Org UnitsLodge Structure RefreshBugOpenOALM 4.1.1Unresolved
OALMLC-1277Common - Org UnitsLodge Structure Position SortBugOpenOALM 4.1.1Unresolved
OALMLC-1205Common - Org UnitsMoving Committees in Lodge StructureBugOpenOALM 4.1.1Unresolved
OALMLC-1194Core Module - LoginDefault Lodge Login After Timeout BugOpenOALM 4.1.1Unresolved
OALMLC-1338Core Module - OtherDeactivated Positions still availableBugOpenOALM 4.1.1Unresolved
OALMLC-1333Core Module - OtherSelection Filtering in Drop Down Boxes and Text Entry in boxesBugOpenOALM 4.1.1Unresolved
OALMLC-1300Core Module - OtherCharacter Limit ErrorBugOpenOALM 4.1.1Unresolved
OALMLC-1284Core Module - OtherFix IE Cache Header IssueBugOpenOALM 4.1.1Unresolved
OALMLC-1213Core Module - OtherCleanup Dates With Times From 4/17 & 4/18BugOpenOALM 4.1.1Unresolved
OALMLC-1253Core Module - OtherColumn Chooser Button Doesn't UpdateBugOpenOALM 4.1.1Unresolved
OALMLC-1180Core Module - OtherEdit Account ButtonBugReopenedOALM 4.1.1Unresolved
OALMLC-1280Email Module - Email ManagerCannot Filter by Positions for EmailBugOpenOALM 4.1.1Unresolved
OALMLC-1274Email Module - Email ManagerDefault Email Sort OrderBugOpenOALM 4.1.1Unresolved
OALMLC-1250Email Module - Email ManagerUnable to Delete Email in Draft StatusBugOpenOALM 4.1.1Unresolved
OALMLC-1306Email Module - Send EmailEmail ODATA ExceptionBugOpenOALM 4.1.1Unresolved
OALMLC-1342Event Module - Attendee ManagerEvent Manager Payment Type & Amount PaidBugOpenOALM 4.1.1Unresolved
OALMLC-1325Event Module - Attendee ManagerEvent Check-In Age Calculation ErrorBugOpenOALM 4.1.1Unresolved
OALMLC-1290Event Module - Attendee ManagerAttendee Event Notes are Lost on Subsequent EditsBugOpenOALM 4.1.1Unresolved
OALMLC-1295Event Module - Attendee ManagerError Adding Members to Events BugOpenOALM 4.1.1Unresolved
OALMLC-1276Event Module - Attendee ManagerDefault Check-In/Out Date Displayed IncorrectlyBugOpenOALM 4.1.1Unresolved
OALMLC-1188Event Module - Attendee ManagerEvent Check-in ModeBugOpenOALM 4.1.1Unresolved
OALMLC-1234Event Module - Attendee ManagerAttendee Delete ConfirmationBugOpenOALM 4.1.1Unresolved
OALMLC-1348Event Module - Clan EditorClan Roster Age Calculation ErrorBugOpenOALM 4.1.1Unresolved
OALMLC-1324Event Module - Clan EditorAdding Elangomat SearchBugOpenOALM 4.1.1Unresolved
OALMLC-1291Event Module - Clan EditorAdd Elangomat Member Search IssueBugOpenOALM 4.1.1Unresolved
OALMLC-1271Event Module - Event ManagerAdd Grid Filtering to Event List BugOpenOALM 4.1.1Unresolved
OALMLC-1320Event Module - Event SetupUnable to edit Lodge Wide event statusBugOpenOALM 4.1.1Unresolved
OALMLC-1296Event Module - Saved ViewsEvent View RefreshBugOpenOALM 4.1.1Unresolved
OALMLC-1321Event Module - Static ReportsEvent Summary Report Date CalculationBugOpenOALM 4.1.1Unresolved
OALMLC-1283Member Module - Grid ReportingChapter Level Positions in Position RosterBugOpenOALM 4.1.1Unresolved
OALMLC-1323Member Module - ImportImport Modal VisibilityBugOpenOALM 4.1.1Unresolved
OALMLC-1309Member Module - ImportMember import is not case sensitiveBugOpenOALM 4.1.1Unresolved
OALMLC-1281Member Module - ImportDisallow Importing Duplicate BSA IDsBugOpenOALM 4.1.1Unresolved
OALMLC-1262Member Module - ImportImporting Dues ErrorBugOpenOALM 4.1.1Unresolved
OALMLC-1211Member Module - ImportImport With Blank Phone NumberBugOpenOALM 4.1.1Unresolved
OALMLC-1340Member Module - Member EditorIssues when joining Positions to the member gridBugOpenOALM 4.1.1Unresolved
OALMLC-1339Member Module - Member EditorError when Filtering DatesBugOpenOALM 4.1.1Unresolved
OALMLC-1331Member Module - Member EditorCapability to Add Non-USA MembersBugOpenOALM 4.1.1Unresolved
OALMLC-1332Member Module - Member EditorMember Manager Event ListBugOpenOALM 4.1.1Unresolved
OALMLC-1303Member Module - Member EditorChange Minimum Date Requirement BugOpenOALM 4.1.1Unresolved
OALMLC-1297Member Module - Member EditorUnable To Delete Medical Record DateBugOpenOALM 4.1.1Unresolved
OALMLC-1287Member Module - Member EditorHealth Notes Field FormatBugOpenOALM 4.1.1Unresolved
OALMLC-1286Member Module - Member EditorAdd Today to Date PickerBugOpenOALM 4.1.1Unresolved
OALMLC-1256Member Module - Member EditorCleanup Member Fields - Change Empty Strings To NullsBugOpenOALM 4.1.1Unresolved
OALMLC-1344Member Module - Member ManagerSearch for Flagged MembersBugOpenOALM 4.1.1Unresolved
OALMLC-1310Member Module - Member ManagerMerge Member RecordsBugOpenOALM 4.1.1Unresolved
OALMLC-1269Member Module - Membership AuditError Loading BSA Audit ResultsBugOpenOALM 4.1.1Unresolved
OALMLC-1346Member Module - OtherChapter Refresh in Member ManagerBugOpenOALM 4.1.1Unresolved
OALMLC-1337Member Module - OtherDeceased Members with a Valid Current Position DateBugOpenOALM 4.1.1Unresolved
OALMLC-1275Member Module - OtherGrid Search Below 670pxBugOpenOALM 4.1.1Unresolved
OALMLC-1260Member Module - Static ReportsDues Trend Report ErrorBugOpenOALM 4.1.1Unresolved
OALMLC-1229Member Module - Static ReportsSuppress Archived Members From ReportsBugOpenOALM 4.1.1Unresolved
OALMLC-1228Member Module - Static Reports Can't View Report On MobileBugOpenOALM 4.1.1Unresolved
OALMLC-1209Member Module - Static ReportsMember Position Static Reports Need To Be UpdatedBugOpenOALM 4.1.1Unresolved
OALMLC-1347Other - Offline SpecificOffline Event CheckinBugOpenOALM 4.1.1Unresolved
OALMLC-1345Other - Offline SpecificOffline Client ReportingBugOpenOALM 4.1.1Unresolved
OALMLC-1334Other - Offline SpecificOffline Client Causes "Connection Reset" ErrorBugOpenOALM 4.1.1Unresolved
OALMLC-1355Setup ModuleEvent Location Column ChooserBugOpenOALM 4.1.1Unresolved
OALMLC-1225Setup ModuleLocation Merge Not Merging All RecordsBugOpenOALM 4.1.1Unresolved
OALMLC-1206Setup ModuleAdding Positions in Lodge StructureBugOpenOALM 4.1.1Unresolved
OALMLC-1167Setup ModuleEvent Location Types Shows NullBugOpenOALM 4.1.1Unresolved
OALMLC-1163Setup ModuleMerge Function Not Validating ValueBugOpenOALM 4.1.1Unresolved
OALMLC-1164Setup ModuleDuplicate Payment MethodBugOpenOALM 4.1.1Unresolved
OALMLC-1165Setup ModuleUpdating Award Name ErrorBugOpenOALM 4.1.1Unresolved
OALMLC-1350Setup ModuleChapters with Same Child NameBugOpenOALM 4.1.1Unresolved
OALMLC-1336Unit ManagerUnit Change RefreshBugOpenOALM 4.1.1Unresolved
OALMLC-1330Unit ManagerUnits Unavailable in Unit Detail ReportBugOpenOALM 4.1.1Unresolved
OALMLC-1317Unit ManagerUnit Report Not Displaying DataBugOpenOALM 4.1.1Unresolved
OALMLC-1315Unit ManagerBlank Date in Unit CommunicationBugOpenOALM 4.1.1Unresolved
OALMLC-1294Unit ManagerUnable to Record Unit CommunicationBugOpenOALM 4.1.1Unresolved
OALMLC-1267Unit ManagerRemove Archived Members from Unit ReportBugOpenOALM 4.1.1Unresolved
OALMLC-1261Unit ManagerAllow Deleting Inactive UnitsBugOpenOALM 4.1.1Unresolved
OALMLC-1259Unit ManagerUnit Communication DropdownBugOpenOALM 4.1.1Unresolved
OALMLC-1248Unit ManagerUnit Manager Search ErrorBugOpenOALM 4.1.1Unresolved
OALMLC-1252Unit ManagerUnit Name is Undefined in Unit MergeBugOpenOALM 4.1.1Unresolved
OALMLC-1247Unit ManagerUnit Export Column Name ImprovementsBugOpenOALM 4.1.1Unresolved
OALMLC-1185Unit ManagerUnit Meeting TimesBugOpenOALM 4.1.1Unresolved
OALMLC-1170Unit ManagerUnit Manager Dues CountsBugOpenOALM 4.1.1Unresolved
OALMLC-1212Unit ManagerRemove Chapter Requirement from Unit Creation BugOpenOALM 4.1.1Unresolved
OALMLC-1263User ManagerAllow Event View-Only Users to View Edit Attendee ScreenBugOpenOALM 4.1.1Unresolved
OALMLC-1272User ManagerAllow/Revoke Offline Access ButtonBugOpenOALM 4.1.1Unresolved
OALMLC-1233User ManagerEmail Permissions Missing From ChaptersBugOpenOALM 4.1.1Unresolved
OALMLC-1349Member Module - Static ReportsVital Statistics Report ErrorBugClosedOALM 4.1.0Fixed
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