The process for appointing new OA LodgeMaster lodge administrators or changing OA LodgeMaster administrators is the same. The form below must be filled out completely, providing contact information for one or two administrators. The form must then be signed by your Council's Scout Executive (or his designee) and submitted to the National Scout Office. 

This form authorizes an individual in your lodge to manage OA LodgeMaster users in your lodge. This person is responsible for handing out user names and passwords to new lodge users. It is also the person that the OA LodgeMaster Staff will make contact with when we have completed setup of your lodge database. Typically, this will be an adult like the Lodge Membership or Administrative Adviser.

Once appointed, OA LodgeMaster Staff will confirm the appointment by contacting the lodge staff adviser by phone and verifying the information.

Appointment Of OA LodgeMaster Lodge Administrator Form

Appointment Of OA LodgeMaster Lodge Administrator Form (Fillable PDF)